Sept. 28th-Oct. 4th

Homework:  Pg. 232 #1-49 odd  Pg. 238 #1-21 odd  Pg. 252 #1-31 odd  Challenge(optional) Pg. 233 #51-61Pg. 238 #22-25, Pg. 252 #33-43

Re-Test starting Tuesday Oct. 6th

Lesson 1: Introduce Factors and Prime Factorization

Lesson 2: Introduce GCF(greatest common factor) and how to determine GCF

Lesson 3: Introduce multiples and determining LCM(least common multiple)

Sept. 14th-20th

Homework:  Pg. 599 #1-19 odd, Handout: Simplifying Expressions and Applications with IntegersAnswers:Simplifying Expressions and Applications with Integers Answers

Test : Wednesday next week  Study homework since Sept. 1st.

Topics: add/subtract/multiply/divide integers, Order of Operations with exponents, Substitution and evaluation, applications with integers.

Lesson 1: Division with Integers and Order of Operations

Lesson 2: Applications with Integers and Order of Operations practice