Nov. 23rd-29th

Coordinate Plane

HomeWork Pg. 605-606 #1-25 odd  Pg. 610 #1-15 odd     Plotting Polygons (Handout)

Extra Test Time: Students who did not complete the test must come and complete it during break, lunch or tutorial time on Monday or Tuesday.

Coordinate Games

Lesson 1: Review plotting points and introduce the coordinate plane.  Play battle ship.

Lesson 2: Plot Polygon designs

Lesson 3: Translations and Reflections

Lesson 4: Vertical and Horizontal Distances

Nov. 16th-22nd

Test Nov. 19 & 20th (lesson 4)  Will include all material from last Fractions test along with (multiplication, division, converting from fraction to decimal and decimal to fraction, order of operations with fractions)

HW (for test) Pg.268 #1-39 odd       Pg. 273 #1-37 odd     

Prepare For Test  Christmas Hamper Fractions & Answers

Lesson 1: Review including dividing with mixed numbers & converting fractions and decimals. Return Quizes

Lesson 2: Order of operations with fractions  Basic Practice with answers

Lesson 3: Review

Lesson 4: Test Day

Video LinksAdding/Subtracting Fractions     Multiplying Fractions     Dividing Fractions     Dividing mixed numbers          Converting Decimals to Fractions                        Converting Fractions to Decimals

Khan Academy Practice: Converting Decimals to fractions     Multiplying Fractions Word Probs     Dividing Fractions Word Probs     Mixed Word Probs

Challenge:  Divide $106 among Shelley, Veronica, Christy, and Ruth so that Shelley and Veronica together have $56, Shelley and Christy together have $59, and Shelley and Ruth together have $43. Student answer

Challenge: Order of Operations with Fractions (Challenge)          Answers

Nov. 9th-15th

Quiz Next Friday Nov. 20th (All fractions, LCM, GCF, order of operations, substitution & evaluation, multiplication & division)

Homework: Pg. 351 #1-43 odd     356 #3-35 odd    Pg. 364 #1-19 odd

Challenge (optional) Pg. 352 #45-53 & 56   Pg. 358 #53-55    Pg. 64 #25-45 odd & #46

Fractions Multiplication Recipes

Lesson 1: Test

Lesson 2: Multiplying Fractions (using models)

Lesson 3: Multiplying Fractions with cross simplification

Lesson 4: Dividing Fractions (using models)

Cheesecake Challenge