Jan. 25-31st

Homework: Pg. 404-405 #1-37 odd  Pg. 409-411 #1-37 odd  Pg. 414-416 #1-55 odd

Challenge: If a small gear has 8 teeth and the big gear has 12 teeth and the small gear turns 96 times, how many times will the big gear turn?

Challenge 2

Lesson 1  Review Ratio and Introduce Rates and Unit rates

Lesson 2  Introduction to Proportions

Lesson 3  Solving Proportion (cross multiplying)

Jan. 11th-Jan. 17th

Test: Monday Jan. 18th. (plotting points in coordinate plane, solving equations & inequalities) Since Nov. 23rd lessons

Coordinates Review: Coordinate Review

Homework: Translating Inequalities     Solving Inequalities 1     Solving Inequalities 2     Solving Inequalities with Decimals   InequalityWordProblems

Lesson 1: Introduction to Inequalities Translating Inequalities

Lesson 2: Graphing Inequalities Solving Inequalities

Lesson 3: Review and word problems (talk about test)