April 25th-May 3rd


  1.  Rays, Lines and Line segments 1     2
  2. Angles     Naming Angles     Measuring Angles     Drawing angles     Parallel Lines     Vertical angles     complementary and supplementary
  3. Additional Practice  (odd questions pg 5-7) Pts, Lines & Planes
  4. Additional Practice  (1-27 odd)  Parallel Lines and Transversals   Examples of parallel lines & transversalsParallel Lines Samples

Lesson 1:  Parallel lines and Transversals (corresponding angles, alternate interior & exterior angles, consecutive angles)

Lesson 2:  Continuation of parallel lines and transversals (inverse of above)  Practice with questions from last week

Lesson 3: Complementary angles

Algebra Challenge

Algebra Challenge

Angle Challenge

Challenge Question

Angles and Reasons

week 1-2 notes

Expressions & Equations Review

This is a post dedicated to reviewing “Expressions and Equations

Old Test     Answers            Re-Test

Intro “What is a variable?” Video     Practice with Variables      Writing Expressions

Evaluating Expressions Video       Practice with Evaluating Expressions

1 Step Subtraction Equations Video     Practice with Addition & Subtraction Equations

Solving Simple Equations Video     1 Step Multiplication & Division Equations

2 Step Equations Video     Practice Solving 2 Step Equations

Solving with variables on both sides Video     Practice Solving with variables on both sides

April 18th-24th

Suggested HW:  (odd questions pg 5-7) Pts, Lines & Planes     (1-27 odd)  Parallel Lines and Transversals

Lesson 1: Statistics Assessment

Lesson 2: Introduction to geometry, Brainframe with vocabulary & Presentations   Terms  video: pts, lines & planes   Khan Academy exercises: #1    #2

Measuring Angles with Protractor

Lesson 3: Pts, lines & rays (parallel lines, transversals, opposite angles, perpendicular lines)

Naming Angles      Measuring Angles     Drawing Angles

week 1 notes

April 11th-17th

Statistics Test Mon/Tues April 18/19  (study material since March 7th )

Lesson 1: Review collecting Data finish Box Plot Practice and Online Practice

Lesson 2: Mixed Review warm-up, Games and Suzi’s Company     Answers

Lesson 3: More Games & Review handout (optional)  Statistics Review  Answers

Lesson 4:  Practice assessment

Statistics Vocabulary

Links to more practice:

Mean, Median & Mode     Comparing Data Distributions     Statistical Questions