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Final Test Thursday/Friday May 26th & 27th.  (Everything since May 3rd)

Make a Cheat Sheet on one page (write down anything you want)

Lesson 1:  Surface area of Rectangular Prisms & sum of angles in a quadrilateral

Quadrilateral Sum     Nets of Polyhedra     Surface Area (nets)     Surface Area(optional)

Lesson 2:  Classifying 3D Shapes & Survey Questions for Project

Lesson 3:  Volume of Rectangular Prisms & FInal Test Prep  Volume Video

Volume Exercises     Word Problems

Lesson 4:  Test


HW:  Rectangle parallelogram area     Grid Area Practice  (Answers)

Videos:  Area of Trapezoids     Intro to Quadrilaterals

Lesson 1  Area of Triangles and measures of composite shapes including triangles.

Area of Triangles    Composite Shapes

Lesson 2  Area of Trapezoids

Area of Trapezoids

Lesson 3  Introduction to Polygons and classifications of Quadrilaterals

Identify Quadrilaterals    Classify Quads    Quad Types    Angles of Quadrilaterals


Angles of Polygon Video     Practice

May 10th-15th

Quiz (lesson 2) pts, lines, planes, parallel lines and transversals, classification of triangles and triangle sum.  All material since April 18th except area.

Lesson 1  Introduction to area with rectangles and composite shapes (with rectangles)    Area in Square units     Unit squares to area     Creating Rectangles     Composite shapes

Lesson 2  Quiz & Perimeter of shapes, including composite shapes     Perimeter by counting     Finding Perimeter     Word Probs     Shapes on grid     Composite Shape

Lesson 3 Area of triangles, rectangles and parallelograms     Area of Triangles     Area of Parallelograms    Challenge

Worksheets (basic)

area and perimeter triangles

area and perimeter quadrilaterals



May 3rd-9th

Classifying angles and Triangles  Classifying angles (practice)     Recognizing angles     (practice)     Drawing angles     Special angles

Lesson 1:  Classifying angles and triangles  Classifying (video)     Practice 1

Lesson 2: Triangle sum and perimeter with algebra.   Interactive triangle

Exercises: Triangle sum basics     Triangle Sum (algebra)

Challenge: (Find the missing angles in each diagram)


Week 3 Notes