Oct. 17th-Nov. 1st

HW# 1 Due Nov. 7th (Pg. 364-365 #1-17 odd, &# 47, Pg. 369-370 #5, 13 & 45)  answers

Challenge: Pg. 365-366 #51-53, #55-57, Pg. 370 #37-41 odd.

Challenge Option (no need to do HW if you do this):  Create 5 multi-step Division Questions with more than 2 fractions each.  They should require some cross simplification.  In addition to that, create two word problems that require division with fractions.  This is to be written either on paper or in your toolkit, alternatively, it can be displayed with some form of technology.  Extra: create a screen cast that can be used as an instructional aid for your fellow classmates using one of your questions.

Lesson #1: Introduction to Dividing with Fractions

Lesson #2: Continue with Dividing Fractions

Lesson #3: Introductions to Integers