March 27th-April 2nd

HW:  Fractions to Decimals to Percents    Answers

Complete from last week!!Unit rate“,  AnswersRatios, Tables & Graphs” Answers

Learning Habits Forms!!

Walker   Phillips    Mcknight    Freeman

Lesson 1: MAP Testing

Lesson 2: Introduction to Percentages  Khan Academy   Khan Academy II

Lesson 3: Applications with Percentages Khan Academy  Khan Academy “applications”

Jeapardy II

Feb. 27th – March 5th

Unit test: Expressions and Equations Lesson #4 March 9th/10th

(everything since Jan. 10th)  Extra Practice    Answers

HW: Previous week  Toolkit Check March 6th

Modelling Equations

Lesson 1: Solving Equations by Division & Multiplication Khan Academy

Lesson 2: Solving by multiplying by the reciprocal

Lesson 3: Solving mixed equations with applications ( Currencies etc)

Lesson 4: Solving inequalities of all applications

Jan. 23rd- Jan. 29th

Toolkit Check. Jan 30th!!

HW: Complete your Investigation from last week (Space weight, Fuel Economy, Celsius vs. Fahrenheit and Car Crashes were the options)

Lesson 1: Developing & Evaluating Expressions from Problems

Lesson 2: Equivalent Expressions (distributive property)  Khan Academy

Lesson 3: Distributive Property Continued

Lesson 4:  Addition & Subtraction Algebraically  Khan Academy 2